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mada Point of Sale Devices (POS)

Unleash Growth with mada Services

A Point of Sale (POS) terminal is a certified electronic device used to perform financial transactions with different payment methods at retail locations. mada Point of Sale (POS) that supports Near Field Communication (NFC) payments, also, known as mada atheer payments, are provided by accredited mada acquiring members provide it. The Certification Center in Saudi Payments Approves these (POS) devices with merchant service providers to ensure they meet security standards.

Accelerate Your Business and Streamline Sales with Point of Sale

  • An Ideal payment method for stores, companies, or project owners
  • Facilitate payment operations safely from any point in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Direct connection between the debtor and issuers 
  • Tailored Solution to meet your business requirements


Empowering Fast, Secure, Seamless Payment Method

  • Pay for transactions less than 300 SAR without entering a password
  • Enter a password when the total value of your daily transactions reaches 300 SAR*
  • Make quick and instant payments in just three seconds
* You can enter your password at a Point-of-Sale terminal or an ATM to save your details and pay without a password next time.

To contact your acquirer, please use one of our multiple banking channels or visit your local branch.

Tap into the Future for Seamless Connectivity and Convenience

mada atheer has revolutionized the way people pay in the Kingdom since it launched in 2017. It is considered the most preferred payment method by cardholders.

mada atheer, also known as Near Field Communication (NFC),  that can be performed using smart devices equipped with NFC technology. To make a payment, a cardholder simply places their portable electronic device (such as a smartwatch or smartphone) close to an NFC-enabled (POS) terminal

The Ways to pay with mada atheer:

  • Apple Pay
  • mada pay
  • mada Card

Soft POS Service

Experience of Seamless Transaction

Soft POS is a revolutionary new technology that allows businesses to accept payments directly from their phone or device, without the need for additional hardware. This innovative point-of-sale (POS) service that can help businesses extend their reach and grow their customer base, as it makes it possible to accept payments anywhere, at any time. (Currently supports Android).

Ignite Efficiency with Soft POS Service

  • Seamless: Accepts cards quickly and continuously without hardware, reducing maintenance and update costs.
  • Advanced Security Features: Uses encryption technologies, secure database access, and comprehensive risk management to ensure cardholders, transactions, and merchants' data privacy.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Supports all accepted payment methods schemes in Kingdome as Apple Pay, GCCNet, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Diners Club, JCB, and UPI