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mada card

mada card (Debit, Prepaid) issued by local mada members allow cardholders to access their account funds. These cards can be used to make in-store and online purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and make digital payments throughout Saudi Arabia.

  • Locally: mada allow cardholders to use their card through (over than 16 thousands ATMs), Point of sales terminals (over 1.6 millions terminals) and over Billion online store.
  • Regionally: mada accepts (GCC) transactions over 1.6 millions Point of sales terminals and over than 16 thousands ATMs. mada Cardholders allow using their cards through Gulf Payments Network (GCCNet).
  • Globallymada are co-branded with international payment schemes like Visa and MasterCard, enabling cardholders to use their cards in millions of ATMs and POS terminals worldwide.

For more information on using your bank card outside the Kingdom, please contact your bank directly.