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mada as connection point

A new world of digital payment

With each evolution, the integrated mada system introduces a new solution. 

mada is the national card payment scheme, that represents the innovative generation of digital payments in Saudi Arabia, and is intended to boost e-commerce, Point of Sales, and ATM growth with unprecedented level of flexibility, speed, security, interoperability and acceptance.

mada cards, issued by local banks in Saudi Arabia are widely accepted and can be used for variety of transactions, including purchasing, withdrawing cash, and making payments online. mada card also accepted payment such as GCCNet.

mada incorporates the latest payment technology and decades of experience to create a new world of payments built on innovation, freedom and flexibility. It enables any business to be a part of this world and to consider mada as an alternative of cash. It works by connecting the cardholder to their account, where payments are deducted directly from the account.