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mada Scheme

Digital Transformation Pioneers in the World of Payments

mada is the national payments scheme accredited by Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and one of the products of the Saudi Payment, which has taken a great step towards a significant change that will achieve development and prosperity in the Kingdom's economy through technology that enabled digital payment services and gave it unprecedented dimensions of flexibility, speed and security.

  • Commitment: Commits to implementing quality as a fundamental standard in its services and dealing with everyone.
  • Initiative: Keeps pace with global developments, addresses local needs, and develops innovative ways to enhance services and optimize results.
  • Excellence: Applies the highest standards of security in all mada services and transactions and guarantees the privacy of its cardholders.
  • Collaboration: Leads to better, more streamlined, and more user-centric payment solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved.
  • Integrity: Provides secure and reliable financial transactions, and ensures all transactions are accurately recorded, processed, and protected against fraud and unauthorized access.