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Privacy Policy

You understand that by using this website you have agreed to all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this Agreement. You agree to use the website securely in respect of and as provided by this Agreement.

Privacy Policy:

  • Privacy Policy is subject to change or modification without any prior announcement and will be displayed prominently on the Website.
  • We take data security seriously, and we use appropriate technologies and procedures to protect personal data.
  • You shall not under any circumstances disclose the username and password to anyone. If you feel that the username and password has been disclosed or is known to any party, you shall immediately inform mada and it is your responsibility to immediately change your username and password.
  • We shall process your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, unless such processing conflicts with the requirements of applicable law, in which case, applicable law shall prevail.
  • We may require you to provide specific data about yourself when you engage in certain activities. Although it is optional for you to disclose the requested data, you must do so in order to engage in certain activities on our website.

The personal data we collect from you will vary depending on which products or services you engage us to deliver. The personal data we collect might include the following:

  1. Identification data such as your first and last name, email address, postal address, phone number, and other similar contact data, date and place of birth, gender, and country;
  2.  Business contact information such as employer name, job function, job title, department, employer size, and locations; and​​​
  3. Technical information about your device for security purposes such as your IP address or operating system.​​
  • We may use a third-party service provider to assist us with some features of our website. Our service provider will receive your personal data on our behalf and will not be permitted to use it for any other purpose.
  • We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. By accepting privacy and acceptable usage policy, you accept our use of cookies.
  • For any concerns you may reach out to us at [].