• Security tips and safety instructions

    In order to enhance the mada experience, please follow these tips while using the madacard in POS terminals or ATMs to help protect against any possible theft risk:



    Contact the bank through any of the banking channels provided (online banking, phone banking, or visit a branch) as soon as it is known the card is missing and advise the bank the card has been lost or stolen. Applicable fees might be charged according to the bank’s policies and procedures.


    Security Tips for Cardholders at PoS terminals

    • Be especially cautious if strangers offer to help complete a transaction. If the cashier or retail clerk offers to help by entering the PIN or remove the card from sight, politely refuse the offer.
    • Ensure handbags, wallets, and/or possessions are secure if and when asked to sign the transaction slip.
    • Be aware of other customers standing too close or trying to observe the transaction. Check that other individuals in the queue maintain an acceptable distance.
    • If cash back is requested on the PoS transaction, make sure the cash is received and check the amount on the transaction slip.
    • Never let the card out of sight during a transaction and watch the merchant, retailer, or waiter if they move away to another area to swipe the card.
    • Do not be in a hurry during the transaction, and carefully secure the card and/or cash in a wallet, handbag, or pocket before leaving the counter. Do not forget to take the card!
    • Make sure there are CCTV cameras over the PoS terminal.


    Security Tips for Cardholders at ATMs

    • Treat the card like cash. Keep it in a safe place.
    • Keep the PIN secret. Never write the PIN down on anything in a wallet or on the card itself.
    • When selecting a PIN, avoid numbers and letters that relate to personal information, such as year of birth or those that can be easily predicted like 1234 or 0000.
    • Keep your privacy when using ATM’s, ensure no one behind you is looking at you while typing your PIN.
    • Do not disclose card information over the phone to anyone. Be assured that bank staff will never ask for your PIN codes.
    • Do not ever take photos of your bank card or keep it in your phone memory, or share it through social media.
    • Report a lost or stolen card immediately to the bank.
    • It is certainly advisable to change your PIN code upon your return from traveling abroad.
    • Keep your phone and other contacts with the bank up to date in order to be notified of any transaction or unusual activity on your account.