• How merchants benefit from mada

    In an effort to expand the structure of business owners' reliance on Point-of-Sale terminals to enrich their business practices, banks that provide Point-of-Sale services support you with marketing materials and added virtues when accepting mada cards through Point-of-Sale terminals available in stores.

    mada offers merchants a set of value-added services that helps them grow their business volume and enhance their financial control, such as:

    • Benefit from the increased cardholder daily purchase limit from SAR 20,000 to SAR 60,000.
    • Savings in cash management costs related to cash transactions – less time and effort spent in cash handling, recounting and validating bank notes authenticity, plus the need to always have small change available.
    • Control risks and human errors related to processes of daily inventories,  revenues, and bookkeeping.
    • Savings in time and effort – reduce daily cash collections processes and their associated cash transport cost and subsequent deposit with banks.
    • Efficient financial control- monitor payment inflows coming into the business and the ability to track sales transactions through account statements provided by their bank.
    • High tendency for sales volumes and values to increase with the growing number of debit cards in the market.
    • Speed and convenience in completing purchase transactions in connection to around the clock support that ensures service quality  .
    • Benefit from banks exclusive offers and rewards programs.