• How mada works

    mada depends on the direct link to a bank account (through a Debit Card) from which withdrawals are taken and when payment transactions are made. Hence, Debit Cards are a  convenient and secure alternative to cash. Debit cards also allow instant withdrawal of cash from thousands of ATMs spread across the Kingdom and where accepted, outside the country. Furthermore, debit card transactions are a fast, safe, and easy way of paying in shops, restaurants, or other locations through POS terminals, where the cost of a purchase is charged directly to a holder's account without any exchange of cash. Cardholders can also use their debit cards to get from certain shops instead of ATMs, through the Naqd  service.

       mada card can have a daily limit of SAR 5,000 for cash withdrawals and up to SAR 60,000 for purchases made. Cardholders can benefit in the following ways:

    • Registering for online banking services and activating other electronic bank channels like phone banking.
    • Benefit from banks exclusive offers and rewards programs offered exclusively  to cardholders when they use their cards for purchases.
    • Monitoring debit card transactions and controlling e-channels easily.
    • Stay informed regarding cash withdrawals and purchase transactions through instant SMS notifications.
    • Convenience in paying bills related to government services and other SADAD billers by using debit cards at ATMs, POS terminals, online, and in phone banking.