How does mada benefit merchants and business owners?
    • Benefit from the increased daily purchase limit made by cards to SAR 60,000.
    • Reduction of the costs associated with cash transactions in terms of time needed to count them, validate paper notes genuinty, and need to always have smaller bank notes available.
    • Limit of risks and human errors related to processes of daily inventories and revenues, and accounting bookkeeping.
    • Less burden on daily cash collections processes and the hazard to transit funds and deposit it with banks.
    • A better position to monitor payment inflows coming into the business and the ability to track sales transactions through different kinds of statements provided by their bank.
    • High tendency for sales volumes and values to increase with the growing number of debit cards in the community.
    • Speed and convenience in completing purchase transactions in connection to around the clock help service to ensure quality of service.
    • Benefit from banks exclusive offers and rewards programs.