• mada Pay service

    mada Pay

    mada Pay is payment service utilizing customer’s smartphones, through a wallet base application that provides the highest safety standards and state of the art Tokenization methodology. This service allows bank customers to upload all their cards (whether their mada debit or banks credit cards) into a single wallet on their Mobile phone. There are no limits on the number of cards that the cardholder can load on their mada Pay wallet. Cardholders can load their cards on more than one mobile phone.

    mada Pay is developed to support all cards issued by mada member banks whether they are debit, prepaid or credit (VISA & MasterCard). The readiness for each of these cards, will depend on the issuing bank readiness to support mada Pay. Please ensure to check with your issuing bank on their mada Pay availability and readiness.

    Today mada Pay is only available on Android devices and can be downloaded from the official Google play stores. Cardholders mobile devices must be running on Android operating system version 6.0 "Marshmallow" and above.

    The mobile device needs to be equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) capability.

    Cardholders phone must be set to one of the protection options set in the mobile settings prior to the use of mada Pay. Cardholders must ensure that their phone is connected to the Internet while adding the bankcards and that the phone has not been rooted or jailbroken.

    mada Pay single transaction limit

    mada Pay maximum cumulative spend limit is set to 100SAR excluding any other fees imposed by the merchant within the Kingdom or outside. For transactions performed on mada Pay outside the Kingdom, there is the possibility that the cardholder may be charged cross border fees similar to a traditional debit or credit card transaction.

    Cardholders will be able to complete the payment for purchases at any mada atheer enabled POS devices, with a maximum purchase limit of 100SAR. To use mada Pay, cardholders simply tap their mobile phone (after the phone has been unlocked) at a mada atheer POS. 

    mada Pay is accepted inside and outside the Kingdom at millions of merchant locations around the globe with NFC cable POS devices.

    Total number of cards permitted for mada Pay 

    Cardholders may add all of the mada debit and credit cards as there is no limit on the number of cards to be loaded on mada Pay wallet. It is also possible to add the same cards on a mobile phone that is enabled for mada Pay wallet, and it may be subject to banks fees based on banks own terms and conditions.

    mada Pay use of Tokenization functionality

    To protect cardholders data mada Pay has introduced the Tokenization approach whereby mada card number with a unique digital identifier known as a ‘token’ in the mada Pay wallet in the mobile. This token then allows cardholders to perform payments using mada Pay to be processed without exposing sensitive account details that could breach security and privacy of the cardholder.

    To put it simply, your payment information is encrypted and stored on secure servers that will ensure your stored cards details are never exposed to third parties. Your original information is not shared with any merchants when you make the payment.

    mada Pay security features

    mada Pay cardholder must add their mada card to the mada Pay wallet, where mada pay service replaces the mada card number with a series of randomly-generated numbers, which is called the “token.” or “virtual account”. Each payment card set up in the app gets a token or virtual account number instead of the original card number to enable the transaction to go through. The virtual card number is useless and cannot be used by itself to retrieve any of your details.

    mada Pay User Requirements

    Cardholders who wish to use mada Pay must ensure that the following requirements are supported by their Mobile Phones:

    • Cardholder’s mobile phone must operates on Android 6.0
    • The mobile phone is capable of support NFC Functionality
    • The cardholder has a valid mada Debit card issued by a mada issuing member
    • The cardholder has access to the Official Google Store and can download the mada Pay application from the Google Play.
    • Cardholders must ensure that their mobile phone has NOT been ROOTED
    • Cardholder must ensure that the mobile phone has the access to the Internet while adding their mada card
    •  Cardholders can load the mada card by following the Application instructions, and also ensure to activate the screen lock feature.