• mada Online Shopping service

    mada introduced a new online payment service that allows cardholders to securely shop from local online merchants using mada cards. The activation of mada eCommerce is through the Payment Gateway Providers to enable KSA merchants, accept online payments, and allow KSA consumers to purchase products and services from KSA online merchants. mada e-commerce is utilizing the 3D Secure Protocol to facilitate and safeguard the security of online processed mada cards. mada ensures that 3D Secure Protocol provides an added security layer to the cardholders while decreasing the risk of unauthorized users using their payment cards fraudulently on the internet.

    The merchant can be on boarded using two integration methods to connect with the Acquirer's Payment Gateway Provider:

    1. Direct Integration with Payment Gateway (PG)

    The direct integration model allows the merchant to connect directly with the Payment Gateway to collect payment details from the cardholder through an interaction page hosted and displayed by the Payment Gateway.

    1.  Indirect Integration through Payment Technical Service Provider (PTSP)

    The Payment Technical Service Provider (PTSP) integration unites multiple Acquiring Members and Payment Gateways to support mada transactions. The PTSP will fully manage these connections, technical integration with the merchant and consequently takes care of the technical processing of mada eCommerce. This process makes the merchant less dependent on Acquiring Member to handle the technical part and free from establishing these connections using direct integration.

    mada e-commerce also offers a variety of transaction types to support the merchants in processing the transactions as they see fit the Merchant's business model. These transaction types are:

    • mada e-commerce Purchase
    • mada e-commerce Online Refund
    • mada e-commerce Apple Pay Purchase and Refund
    • mada e-commerce Authorization and Capture
    • mada e-commerce Credentials on File (COF)
      • Secured Registering/saving card data
      • Recurring Payments
      • Unscheduled payments